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Homelessness & Hunger
MMC Homeless and Hunger Committee
The MMC Homeless and Hunger Committee meets monthly to implement Metro Mayors Caucus initiatives, and to develop and recommend new policies and activities aimed at eliminating homelessness and hunger in our communities.

Agendas and meeting records are available under the Meetings menu item above.

Among the initiatives the Committee has helped develop on behalf of the Caucus are these three:
  1. Close to Home — a statewide campaign to end homelessness in Colorado by informing Colorado residents about homelessness and who the homeless really are, and engaging them directly in creating change;
  2. Landlord Recruitment Program — an effort to identify and provide incentives to landlords to make housing units available  for the chronically homeless, including an incentive fund championed by MMC members to reduce the risk of housing those most in need;
  3. IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Grant — an effort tol help the region develop a multi-platform intake and assessment system for homeless individuals and families, to ensure rapid and accurate matching of needs and services.

Close to Home
Close To Home was officially launched on November 5, at the History Colorado Center. The event was attended by over 300 public officials, business leaders, nonprofit providers, and many community members. The diversity of support shown at the launch bodes well for this effort to inform and engage the public to end homelessness in Colorado. For more information go to the Close To Home website and take the pledge to make a difference.

Landlords Opening Doors
The Landlord Recruitment Program is led by Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. and involves a number of key partners including the Metro Mayors Caucus. You can learn more and, if you are a landlord, you can join this effort by going to the Landlords Opening Doors website.