About MMC

The Metro Mayors Caucus was formed in 1993 by a small group of Denver area mayors. Given the multi-jurisdictional nature of many of their core challenges, the founders saw the need for a forum for regional dialogue from which consensus solutions might emerge. The Caucus, a voluntary and collaborative regional association of mayors, quickly grew to 27 members in its first year. The Metro Mayors Caucus has since grown to include 38 cities and towns from across the Denver metropolitan region.


Our member municipalities include both small towns of less than 500 and large cities that are home to hundreds of thousands of Coloradans. Collectively, MMC member jurisdictions comprise more than half of Colorado’s population.

National Recognition

Nationally recognized for its ability to unite around difficult issues, the Caucus uses a modified consensus model for its decision making and adheres to the principle that each jurisdiction, regardless of its demographics or population size, has an equally valid voice. The Caucus was the first of its kind in the nation and has served as the model for many similar organizations around the country.