What is the Metro Mayors Caucus?
The Metro Mayors Caucus is a voluntary, consensus based organization of mayors that work together on issues of regional importance. The Caucus was formed in 1993 at the urging of then Mayors Margaret Carpenter (Thornton), Don Parsons (Northglenn), Susan Thornton (Littleton), Linda Morton (Lakewood), and Wellington Webb (Denver) who felt that a non-competitive forum was needed for the region’s elected officials to build relationships and discuss issues of common concern. The Caucus is unique in that it provides a forum for the discussion of issues that are critical to our members, individually as cities and collectively as a region. In this forum, equal weight is afforded to the issues and positions of small and large member jurisdictions.

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1. What is the Metro Mayors Caucus?
2. How is the Caucus funded?
3. Why isn’t the Caucus part of CML or DRCOG?
4. What issues does the Caucus focus on and how are they selected?
5. How are leadership positions awarded within the Caucus?